Sunwest Distributing a pool and hot tub retailer

in business for over 25 years is an exclusive distributor of Pure Spa. Pure Spa is a new and unique proprietary copper formula, to be used as a pure water treatment for your Spa water. No need for harsh chemicals. The natural process of oxidation and ionization that cleanse your water and air. Stable copper ions effectively and economically accomplish this process naturally without irritating residues related to chlorine and other abrasive treatments. Douglas Jones, CEO, SunWest Distributing. SUN WEST DISTRIBUTING IS AN EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR FOR Pure Spa


This spa product is amazing.

Use it in my spa in my 2nd home in southern Utah.  Sometimes I am away for several months, when I return the water is clear and fresh like the day I left it. ~Jeff Mcdaniel, Holiday Utah

Water takes care of itself.

  I have spas In three rental properties plus my house,  and amazed at the ease of care, and especially the feel of the water, soft and clean with no smell. Been using it for over 5 years and I am sold.  ~Pam Jones, Salt Lake City

Didn’t like using my spa with Bromine.

  Water was always cloudy and  I felt dry and itchy when I got out.  Pure Spa has made spa use a pleasure, don’t need to shower off harsh chemicals after use.  ~Kevin Cole,  Cottonwood, Utah